Welcome to
Central Perk
Where friends meet

       Come and hang out with people from all over the world - virtually! Meet new people, share stories, experiences, and chat. Whether you want to escape reality or vent about it, there are always people around to relax and pass time with.

       The friends at Central Perk are just like you! Looking for a talker where they can hang out and immerse themselves in conversations varying from the weather to the latest Friends episode, to spiritual and philosophical debates.

Bored with the boring black and white virtual chat programs? Central Perk is fully colorized and gives you the ability to set the colors in which you want to see different commands and messages. You can also fully customize your profile to share as much (or as little) personal info as you'd like with other residents.

       Of course, this chat room also offers all the regular features you will find in a virtual chat community - your own customizable room, the ability to post and receive mail, and the commands to create a list of friends and start multis.

Click on the link below to meet your new Friends today!

telnet centralperk.us 2323